Hawkeye Disney+ Series: Who’s The Villain

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Hawkeye is a founding member of the Avengers, and we haven’t seen him since Avengers: Endgame concluded, although we did see him reunite with his folks when Thanos turned the whole nation into powder. After the conclusion of the film, or Phase 3 in the Marvel world, we may expect to see Hawkeye spending time with loved ones.

However, this does not appear to be happening, as we have seen Hawkeye in play since the teaser was published.

As Hawkeye is receiving his own series on Disney+, Marvel needs to demonstrate more of Hawkeye than could be shown in a film, and it’s about time we learn a lot further about him.

Hawkeye is one of the best crossbow sniper out there, but despite approximately 2 teasers, we really don’t know who or what the show’s major adversary is.

We’ll talk about the possibilities for who may portray the adversary in the Hawkeye series.

Hawkeye villain

Now that the teaser has been released, we can see that Hawkeye will receive an Assistant who will be in charge of the kingdom of Hawkeye. Although this will be accomplished and portrayed in the comic, Marvel will undoubtedly include parts from the comic into the show. Hawkeye’s legacy will be taken over by Kate Bishop.

Madam Masque is currently reported to be coming in as the show’s villain, although no one has been contacted for the part as of yet. Other hypothesis suggests that Madam Masque is Kate Bishop’s mom, and she will be the main antagonist.

While it is depicted in the comics that Kate Bishop’s comes from a long line of crooks, she is the only kid who is not involved. Although her father was a crook who dealt with subterranean individuals and sold them guns, it’s possible that her family is among the town’s mob bosses.


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