I Am Groot Continues The Story Of Groot On Disney+

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Marvel Studios is well recognized for the type of roar it delivers to the movies, and GROOT is one of the film’s most popular characters among fans. Something about the Guardians Of The Galaxy hero, from his accent to his looks, makes you smile anytime you see him in the films. Marvel Studios never fails to keep the obsession alive for many of its supporters, and this time has gone a significant step ahead by introducing a whole series centred on Groot, rather than just one or two films. The series was only revealed a day ago on Disney+ Day. I AM GROOT is the title of the show.

The logo for the project has also been replaced with an awed image of Groot that does not pertain to its adolescence, as seen in several recent productions. Rather, a young image with the words I AM GROOT printed in big green characters has been picked. The creators have promised the debut of Groot and the series would be centered on the cartoon character’s antics, without mentioning much about the cartoon figure.

The premiere date and other details regarding the series are unknown at this time, save that James Gunn, the filmmaker of all three Guardians of the Galaxy films, will act as executive producer, and Kristen Lepore will oversee the animation. Through its unveiling, the series joins the list of Marvel productions that have been announced. It made its first formal announcement in December 2020. Its filming began a few months following the announcement in August, and Kristen joined the cast in November. When its logo was revealed a day earlier, though, the excitement was reignited, and this time with greater fervor.

The show is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase (released between 2022 and 2023), and it will continue to follow the fictional character’s development and struggles throughout his different travels. The creators are overjoyed with the reaction and have gone on to create a distinct platform for the character, as they have seen the character’s popularity grow by the day and are certain that the show will get the same level of acclaim.


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