Skyrim Saints and Seducers: All You Need to Know About the New DLC

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Bethesda is celebrating the 10th birthday of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and they have prepared a whole lot of new content. If you love dungeons, you’re in for a big surprise. There are plenty of DLCs available, but the one that caught our attention was, of course, Saints and Seducers.

What’s this new DLC?

Saints and Seducers is a creation pack. You’ll find it in the new Creation Club. Creation Club is the new addition to Skyrim. You can get new content for the game from there.

The DLC focuses on the actions of Thoron, who endangered Tamriel’s life when he allowed the Shivering Isles’ infection to get out of control.

It seems we’re getting new enemies, and besides that, also new weapons, armors, pets, quests, and alchemy ingredients. There will also be a new dungeon full of brand-new amazing content.

When you buy it, you also get the Rare Curious creation, which is yet another perfect thing added to the game.

How can I get the DLC?

In order to get it, you will need to buy it via the Creation Club store.

What’s with the new dungeon?

The dungeon is influenced by the Shivering Isles, and they will probably be just as creepy. You can also use it as a modders resource and make the most out of it.

The new weapons

There will be 32 new weapons and four types of armors and weapons: Golden, Dark, Amber, and Madness Ore.

The alchemy and the pets

The dungeon is full of new resources, and you can use them in your alchemy recipes. You can also get a friendly face, a companion, a pet to join you in your adventure.

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