Finding Treasure Enchantments in Minecraft Has Never Been Easier

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Minecraft is full of wonderful things, from different creatures to unique realms and magical enchantments. Users can try to do enchantments with the help of an enchanting table. But some of them have to be found. Even if the library is powerful, you cannot find them with an enchanting table.

What are treasure enchantments?

First of all, you cannot get these treasure enchantments through the enchanting table. They are special, and you need to find them throughout the world. There are five enchantments, and they can be found as enchanted books:


This enchantment can be used for any armor or tool. By using a player’s XP, it can gain full strength.

Frost walker

This treasure enchantment can only be applied to boot armor. It can freeze water into ice, which will allow players to walk on water.

Soul speed

This treasure enchantment can also be applied only to boot armor. It allows players to walk faster on soul sand.

Curse of Binding

Be careful with this one, as it is actually a curse. It can be applied to any armor. It can bind a specific armor to a player and, after the player wears it once, it cannot be removed.

Curse of Vanishing

This enchantment is very similar to the Curse of Binding, as it can be applied to any armor or tool. But keep in mind the curse: the item will disappear if the player has it in their inventory and they are killed once.

Where can I find them?

As they cannot be done with an enchanting table, you will need to get them in chest loot from Stronghold, Bastion, Woodland Mansion, and many more. You can also find them while you’re fishing or if you’re trading with a high-level librarian villager. Keep in mind that vindicators may also drop a treasure enchantment book.


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