Is it safe to download Videoder?

Videoder is a video downloading platform available in Windows, Mac, and android and an affiliated product of GLENNIO SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED. This app was developed in 2013 by an Indian named Rahul Verma during his college days. He is a UX designer and a web developer. This app does not meet the guidelines provided by the Google Play Store, so it is not available there. Yet, anyone can easily download it from their official website named “” This app lets you download videos from different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, even Instagram, and many others.

This app provides the user with an easy way to download videos, but the fact that the Google Play Store does not verify it can’t be denied. Their official website has a proper “SSL Certificate,” but the app has no “SSL Certificate,” which is a compromise on security. SSL Certificate is the most important fact to keep in mind when security is your priority. It makes “SSL/TLS encryption” possible and provides zero compromise certificates that offer complete, pro-grade security beyond all the encryptions. It verifies the server’s identity and keeps the private key a secret.

The State of Videoder: Security Risks?

The users find frequent popping ads in the Videoder app quite annoying. There is also the danger of malware carried through ads to harm your device. The app provides various software platforms to showcase their ads on the websites, which might trickily collect your information. It is quite risky to use the product because it takes various permissions, including INTERNET, ACCESS NETWORK STATE, STORAGE ACCESS, DRAW OVER OTHER APPS, etc. It is not verified by the Google Play Store and has no SSL Certificate.

SSL is essentially long strings of characters used for encrypting and decrypting data for the public and private key. It assure users that the app is authentic and safe to share the following private information with:-

  • Bank account information and credit card transactions.
  • Medical records.
  • Legal documents, contracts, pictures, and videos.
  • Personally identifiable information — such as full name, address, date of birth, or telephone number.
  • Saved Passwords and login credentials.

Videoder will never be on the Play Store

At the same time, many review sites have given the app positive reviews and Alexa has given it a high rank. The app has existed for a long time, so it’s enough to prove that it is not a scam. Videoder builder assured users to keep their data safe and secure. The app has strong security features to protect the users from being harmed by a third party. The website also promises not to share users’ data and personal information with any third party. They have mentioned that the app takes various permissions just to improve users’ experience like internet permission is required to fetch the feeds, running inbuilt browser; network state permission is required to avoid long and tiring browsing time; in the same way storage permission is required only to save the downloaded file in your desired destination folder.

However, the app relates to the main server SSL verified website. So, we can say that Videoder provides a safe service to download videos and music from different platforms. The app is not available in the Google Play Store just because it does not meet the guidelines. Yet, it has nothing to do with security and other dangers.

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