Redmi Band 2 Lightweight Smartwatch May Reach Europe Shortly

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After what is believed to be the discovery of a Declaration of Conformity for the wearable in Italy, rumors claim that the Redmi Band 2 may soon be available for purchase in Europe. The portable device was introduced in China a year ago, and it came equipped with a number of useful functions such as an activity tracker, a blood oxygen level sensor, and the ability to accept payments through WeChat or AliPay.

It’s possible that the Redmi Band 2 smartwatch may soon be available in Europe. The website XiaomiToday makes the claim that it has located a Declaration of Conformity in Italy that is associated with the product. Document has the model number M2225B1, which is used for a variety of certifications in China. It is possible that this is the beginning of the rollout of a more extensive product line; Xiaomi Indonesia has announced on Twitter that the Redmi Smart Band 2 will be available for purchase in the nation on January 25.

The Redmi Band 2, a lightweight watch weighing 14.9 g (0.5 oz), was introduced in China before the end of the previous year. The smaller wearable device features a body that is 9.99 mm (0.39 in) thin and a display that is 1.47 in (37 mm) in size. The device gives you access to more than 30 different sports modes, which you may use to keep track of your workouts. You are also able to monitor health indicators such as the rate of your heart, the oxygen content in your blood, and the quality of your sleep. Other capabilities of the gadget include the ability to make purchases using WeChat or AliPay, as well as receive updates about your calendar and messages, as well as weather predictions.

It is not known exactly when the Redmi Band 2 would be released in Europe or how much it might cost in the region. As a point of reference, the wearable can be purchased in either midnight black or dream white, and it costs 169 yuan, which is equivalent to around $25 in American currency. It seems that pink, blue, and green varieties are on the way.

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