Raditz Goes Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Fan Anime

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Say what you want about Raditz, the evil brother of Goku: that he’s weak compared to the Z warriors, that he has proved to be a coward at certain points, and so on. But we all have to admit that Raditz had one of the most memorable entrances in the entire Dragon Ball history.

Raditz was introduced in the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z. He had a rockstar appearance with long hair, heavy armor, and an overall badass attitude. Goku and the gang were no match for him in the beginning, and Krillin was, well, you know… the punching bag again. Raditz was also the one who revealed the origin of Goku as a member of the Saiyan race. Our hero’s true name was Kakarot, and he was sent to Earth to destroy it. But we all know that Goku instead turned out to be one of the good guys and saved the Earth from many threats.

Goku had to team up with Piccolo, his sworn enemy back at that time, in order to have a chance of defeating Raditz. That’s how strong Goku’s brother was at that time compared to the other fighters. But what if Raditz turned Super Saiyan when he fought Goku and Piccolo? That’s what one fan wondered, and he brought an interesting response through his own animation. Check it out below:

Raditz was also one of the very few surviving Saiyans after the evil overlord Frieza decided to blow up their planet long ago. The other survivors were Vegeta, Nappa, and Goku. Not only that Raditz had a very tiny power level at that time compared to a Super Saiyan, for instance, but he was also significantly weaker than Vegeta and Nappa, his fellow comrades. That became clear as soon as the last two arrived on Earth and were confronted by the Z warriors.


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