Google Chrome Adds Two New Features to Save RAM and Battery Life

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Google is now rolling out two new features for the desktop version of its Chrome browser in order to make the software more efficient with both the RAM and battery of the user. The features in question are simply known as Energy Saver and Memory Saver, as XDA reveals.

Plenty of Chrome users have been complaining over time about the desktop app’s lack of efficiency when it comes to RAM and battery. But as soon as they install the new update, everything should work a lot smoother. Now, let’s dive a bit deep into how exactly the two new Chrome features work!

Memory Saver will cancel inactive tabs

Perhaps we’ve all been in that situation when we forget a lot of tabs open in our browser. Even if we don’t use those extra tabs, our computer cannot understand that they aren’t useful for us anymore. Obviously, the laptop or desktop PC will still use some of its resources to maintain those tabs that remain open. But it doesn’t necessarily have to happen that way.

Thanks to the new Memory Saver feature for Google Chrome, the browser will exploit those inactive tabs to free up some of the computer’s resources. In this way, your browser will work smoother than when it’s clogged up with active tabs. Google might have taken some inspiration from Microsoft when it came up with this feature, as the Edge browser is also using so-called “sleeping tabs.”

Energy Saver can save the day

The Energy Saver feature works in a pretty simple way: Chrome will take advantage more than usual of your remaining 20% of battery life or less, in order to keep your computer awake enough until you can find a charger and a socket. The browser will limit some visual effects on the web pages you visit as well as background activity to make the magic happen.

You’ll find the new Energy Saver and Memory Saver features in Chrome under the three-dot menu.


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