Samsung’s Cheap Galaxy M04 Phone is Coming to India Soon

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Not everybody is interested in either one of the latest Samsung flagships, and it’s nice to see that the South Korean giant doesn’t neglect anybody. The new Galaxy M04 model easily qualifies as one of Samsung’s cheap phones, and its specs are surely not to be neglected as well by someone who’s not looking for a high-end phone.

91mobiles speaks about a rumored confirmation indicating the phone’s launch in India and its possible price. The cost will certainly not take a toll on the customer’s pocket or wallet, as practically anyone would be able to afford to buy the product.

Samsung Galaxy M04 will cost around $100

The Samsung Galaxy M04 phone will have a price that’s set under ₹10,000 (roughly $122) or even below ₹8,999 (roughly $110) in India. Paying around a hundred bucks for a smartphone can certainly be a great deal if you don’t have high expectations from the gadget itself.

Now, it’s time to speak a bit about what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy M04! As you can expect, the specs are pretty modest but still suitable for a person who never had a smartphone before or doesn’t have high hopes for one, for instance. However, the top version of the phone is equipped with 8GB of RAM, and that’s probably the most interesting aspect of the new model. There’s also a version with 3GB of RAM. The internal storage, on the other hand, is certainly not good enough for the standards of 2022, as it reaches only 32GB.

Galaxy M04 is also equipped with two camera lenses on the rear, and it would be great to find out more about that setup.

Samsung Galaxy M04 will arrive in the Indian market soon enough. The anticipated release date is set after two weeks, on December 17, but only time will tell for sure.

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