Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – The New ‘Silver Tempest’ Expansion Becomes Available

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If you are one of those passionate Pokemon fans who are into Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield, it means you’ve made it to the right place! The game has got its ‘Silver Tempest’ expansion, which means that you are already free to access, enjoy, or hate it!

Alolan Vulpix seems to be left alone on a dangerous journey in the new expansion! But when danger begins to reveal itself, the little Pokemon receives help from an unexpected source. Lugia, one of the Legendary Pokemon introduced in the second generation, comes out to give Alolan Vulpix a helping hand. There’s no wonder why Lugia was able to help, as it’s a Psychic/Flying type Pokemon that can prove its might whenever it may be necessary.

A new trailer dedicated to the new expansion was uploaded on YouTube by the official Pokemon YouTube channel on yesterday, November 11. In just a day, the video has already gathered more than 92,000 views.

In the Pokemon anime, Lugia probably had its most important appearance during the movie ‘Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One,’ which came out in 1999. In that show, Lugia proved its Psychic powers by being able to communicate with humans easily, something very unusual for a Pokemon. Lugia used its telepathy skills for that. That movie also provided important roles for the magical trio of flying Legendary Pokemon from the first generation: Moltres (fire), Zapdos (electric), and Articuno (ice).

Alolan Vulpix has an ice-type regional form. If the trainer exposes it to an Ice Stone, the Pokemon will evolve into Alolan Ninetales. The normal Vulpix is a fire-type Pokemon, and it can be seen very often in the anime. Brock, one of the main characters of the show, has a Vulpix.

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