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Are you looking for the best call pricing plans that MTN has to offer? By reading this tutorial, you will gain knowledge on how to make the transition to an MTN prepaid bundle that offers the most competitive call rates in Nigeria. Continue reading for an expanded explanation.

This post will provide you with a comparison of the best and least expensive MTN Call Tariff Plans in 2019, each of which offers amazing call rates. These bundles are an option for consumers who want to reduce the amount they spend on their monthly phone bill.

  • MTN TruTalk Tariff Plan

You can make calls at a rate of 11.26k per second to any of the local networks in Nigeria with this prepaid tariff plan, but you’ll have to pay an access fee of 7.17 per day to do so. All of their prepaid tariff users can take advantage of this offer. In Nigeria, sending an SMS to any network costs 4.00.

If you are a prepaid client, switching to this plan is free, and you can transfer as often as you like; but after one free migration per month, you will be charged to switch to another prepaid tariff plan. In addition, every time you top off your account or make your first call of the month, we’ll give you a free 10MB data bonus.

  • MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

After using 25 k/sec for the first 50 seconds, customers of the MTN Pulse plan (formerly MTN iPulse prepaid tariff) can make calls to MTN lines and other networks at a fixed charge of 11 k/sec. In other words, after the first 50 seconds of the day, which cost 40k a second, the 11k fee kicks in.

What you can expect from the MTN Pulse plan:

  • Calls are a flat 11 kilobytes per second. When you pay NGN12.50 every day, you can use it on ANY and ALL regional Networks.
  • Music+’s Pulse Nightlife Bundle costs N10 per day (N25 for 125MB, and N50 for 250MB) for unlimited music streaming.
  • You’ll get an extra 500 megabytes of data for free when you buy a 500 megabyte weekly package
  • Bonus data after recharging
  • In addition to other MTN offerings that improve quality of life
  • MTN XtraValue Bundles

When you sign up for the MTN XtraValue Bundle plan, you’ll receive an incredible amount of data in addition to an enormous airtime allowance for making phone calls. XtraValue Bundles range in price from N300 to N20,000 and come in two (2) main categories.

  1. With XtraTalk Bundles, you may make more phone calls and use less data.
  2. XtraData Bundles provide additional data storage space than regular voice minutes.
  • MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

While MTN prepaid customers recharge with NGN100 or more, they will receive a 250% airtime bonus; when recharging with NGN50 or less, they will receive a 150% airtime bonus.

When using the main account, calls within Nigeria cost 31.50k/sec (N18.90/min), whereas calls made using the bonus account cost 64k/sec (N38.40/min). Keep in mind that the aforesaid cost is applied immediately following the minimum daily charge of N42.38 (for the first minute of service). Once your bonus airtime has been depleted, your original airtime balance will be used.

  • The MTN AWUF4U Plan

Here is the ultimate MTN Awuf4u plan for those who want to double or even treble their airtime balance every time they top off their phone. This one basically lets you obtain free airtime whenever you recharge your MTN phone for an amount less than or equal to N100.

When you top off using a unique USSD code or VTU, you’ll receive a 200% airtime bonus on recharges of N100 or less, and a 300% airtime bonus on recharges of N100 or more.

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