Darwin’s Game: Can We Expect Season 2?

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Imagine yourself being a high school student who gets to join an online game by accident. In that virtual world, players get to fight for their actual lives while using sigils, meaning superhuman powers. In other words, the game comes to life in a very dangerous and terrifying way. That’s the creepy plot of Darwin’s Game, in a nutshell.

The first episode started in January 2020, while the anime ended after only 11 episodes. The fans were craving to find out if a second season would launch, and it seems that we might be getting closer to the answer. Darwin’s Game reached worldwide attention.

Season 2 is unconfirmed so far

Sources such as Studio Nexus or FLIPFLOP are dead silent when it comes to a possible new season for Darwin’s Game. This is a hint that Season 2 is definitely considered to be done, as the officials didn’t deny its existence. But neither did they confirm it, and that’s great! They’re prolonging the suspense as much as they can, making us more and more curious. On the other hand, some unofficial sources are claiming that Season 2 for Darwin’s Game is definitely in the works, but we need to take such claims with a huge grain of salt.

Here’s part of the anime’s exciting synopsis, courtesy of MyAnimeList:

High school student Kaname Sudou receives an invitation from a classmate to play Darwin’s Game, a mobile game he has never heard of. However, as soon as he opens the application, a green snake suddenly pops out from his phone screen and bites his neck, leaving him unconscious. Waking up in the infirmary without any signs of a snake bite, he is told by the school to take the rest of the day off. Although he is puzzled by what has happened, he dismisses the surreal experience as a hallucination and boards the train home.

Darwin’s Game is based on a manga series that was written and illustrated by FLIPFLOP a decade ago.

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