The Best Animation Apps In 2022

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The evidence for the first anime dates from 1917. Although anime has been present for ages, modern anime began in 1956 and found incredible success in 1961. Osamu Tezuka was the first person who started the movement we know as modern anime, and his company Mushi Productions made history. Fast forward to 2022, anime is huge, and anime shows and movies are gaining unexplained popularity. People are more and more drawn to the Japanese style and are amazed by the artistry behind it. 

While most people think that creating anime is cheap and easy, the reality is different. Did you know that making a simple 2D animation that lasts last than one minute costs more than $5000? Making a whole anime episode can cost up to $300,000. The cost of anime production has prevented many anime artists from publishing their work. Creating an anime requires funding, and not every anime artists have the equipment or the budget to do it. Luckily, artists who need funding in equipment to start their anime stories have the option to get a loan to purchase the needed equipment. If you’re looking for ways to fund your anime journey, you can discover more about the equipment loans that can help you kick-start your anime career. 

On the other hand, if you’re not planning a career in anime and want to try out your skills, many software apps can help you do it. Some apps are free, and some need to be purchased, but they’ll enable you to try out your creativity and create your anime in your own home. The apps have all the tools you need to create excellent animation, use voiceovers, and even create a 3D animation. 

The Best Free Anime Apps In 2022

Let’s see which free apps are the best for creating anime

FlipaClip- For Andorid and iOS

FlipaClip is the best free app that will enable you to create an excellent cartoon animation. The app has an old-school feel but also offers features of modern anime technology. You can create multiple frames, free animation layers, and add extra effect to your animation. The best part about this app is that you can create cartoons from your sketches, which is amazing. 

PicsArt Animator- For Android and iOS

You can easily make anime and a cartoon on your phone using the PicsArt Animator app. The app offers countless features, including animated stickers, multiple overlays, and frame duplications. The app allows users to draw their anime frame by frame and create complex animations. PicsArt Animator allows users to record sound and do a voiceover for their anime. A bonus is that users can also create their Emojis!

Stop Motion Studio- For Android and iOS

If you want a simple interface enabling you to create anime in a matter of minutes, the Stop Motion Studio app is the app you need. The app will enable you to have full camera control; you’ll be able to adjust anything from exposure, focus, balance, shutter speed, etc. The app also offers different filters you can use in your videos. The best part about the app is that users can import their videos and draw over them, which is awesome. 

Motionbook- for iOS

If you want to create a traditional flipbook anime, Motionbook is the best app for that. The app is limited to only iOS users but offers incredible features. You can create a pixel-perfect animation and create your color palette. The app’s onion skinning feature will enable you to customize the frames per second.

The Best Paid Anime Apps in 2022

We have a special selection for you if you’ve already tried the free apps and have the money to try other apps. Check out the best-paid anime apps in 2022. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Express- For Android and iPhone

Anyone serious about trying out their anime skills should try this app. Although the app has to be purchased, there’s an option to download the free version, but it has limited features. Nevertheless, the paid version will allow you to upload your images, add your soundtrack, add text, create slideshows, and much more. 

Animoto Video Maker- For iPhone and iPad

You can create the anime of your dreams using the app’s millions of stock images and videos. This app is a bit pricey and is limited to only iPhone and iPad users, but you can try the free version. With the app’s help, you can import your videos and image, add music tracks to your animation, attach storyboard templates, etc. The best part is that you’ll get unlimited video creation, meaning you won’t be charged per video.

Adobe Animate CC- For Windows and Mac

If you prefer creating anime on your computer, then Adobe Animate CC is an app you must try. The app has a free 30-day trial, and after the trial will cost you $20.99 per month. The app is so great that it will enable you to design start screens, game environments, and much more. The app has awesome Adobe Fresco Live Brushed, enabling you to create detailed anime characters. Adobe Animate also offers onion skinning and overlay, enabling you to publish your anime to any platform. 

Harmony- For Windows and Mac

Another great option for a desktop app is Harmony, the app that’s perfect for 2D animation. This app is not only great for beginners, but it’s so popular that many artists have used it to create anime. Thanks to the app, you can easily create 2D and 3D anime and add special effects. The app is so magnificent that it has been used by huge names such as Fox, Universal, and NBC. 


Creating anime is an excellent way to express your creativity, not to mention that anime culture is at its peak in popularity. The best way to test your anime skills without breaking your budget is by using the excellent apps mentioned above. We’ve chosen the best free and paid apps that will enable you to express your creativity and create great anime from the comfort of your own home. 

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