Twitter Unveils New Circle Function: You Can Share Your Posts Only With A Selected Audience

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A video illustrating how to utilize Twitter Circle was released to the public on Tuesday by the social media firm, which said that they are currently testing the feature. Twitter Circle is similar to other functions already available on Instagram or Facebook which allow you to choose your audience. It’s a technique to limit who sees the stuff you upload without having to completely lock down your account. Using Circle, you’ll be able to choose whether or not to broadcast your tweets to everyone or just a select few.

Selecting a group of 150 persons (followers or non-followers) to get certain tweets is possible using Twitter Circle. Anyone in your Circle can see and respond to a tweet that you’ve sent out, but only individuals in your Circle may see and engage with it. Circle members cannot access a complete list of everyone else in their Circle, nor can they share anything posted outside of their Circle.

You can only establish one Circle at a time, which means that you can’t easily change your specific audience from one tweet to the next. Additionally, you cannot withdraw yourself from another user’s Circle, but you may silence a post as usual.

If you look at their Frequently Asked Questions, Twitter makes it clear that Circles are not the same as Twitter Communities, which were created last year and likewise serve to limit the number of people who can see your tweets. In contrast to Twitter Communities, where anybody on the site may join a particular debate, Twitter Circles allow you to share Tweets with just the individuals you want to view.

How to get the function?

Only a small number of users in the Twitter Circle test group have access to Twitter Circle at this time through iOS or Android. If you get a prompt to establish a Circle when you go to publish, the functionality is accessible to you.

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