Google Significantly Improves the YouTube Music App

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A life without music would certainly be tragic. Music is that thing that can inspire us, delight us, and even make us go forward when everything else tries to tear us down.

Those in charge of the YouTube Music app seem to know those life lessons very well since they’re often looking for new ways of improving their software. However, those numerous folks who use YouTube Music are practically obligating the developers to do their best.

New Features for April 2022

Google reveals within its Support page that it has rolled out some interesting features for YouTube Music in February and March. The tech giant further says:

Here’s the latest list of updates made by the music team in Feb & March 2022. We want to hear your feedback on these launches – so feel free to drop a comment or even upvote (or downvote) the changes mentioned below. The YouTube Music team checks these posts to see what listeners think of recent launches, and may prioritize future changes based on your feedback!

The updates are entitled ‘All-in-One Music Experience,’ ‘The World’s Largest Music Catalog,’ ‘Enjoy Music Anytime, Anywhere,’ and ‘Intelligent and Assistive’.

For instance, Google brought the Save Queue to Playlist feature, the Improved shuffle & play for downloads for Android Wear, the Single song queue, and more.

There are plenty of chances to put YouTube Music to the test. You can enjoy a free trial that will last for two months before deciding if you’re willing to purchase a subscription or not.

Depending on if you choose an individual or family plan, YouTube Music Premium will cost between $4.99 and $9.99 per month.

Feel free to tell us if you’re satisfied with what YouTube Music has to offer or not! What do you think could go better and what not?

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