Is Matt Reeves’s The Batman 2 Happening Sooner Than You Might Expect?

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With a post-credits sequence that looked more like a Matrix programming terminal crosses a QAnon message, Batman ended with an inquiry: the words “goodbye” in the Riddler’s green text. Earlier this month, a photo appeared on the site that carried a code that stated, “You feel I’m finished but perhaps you don’t have the foggiest clue about the complete reality. Finishing a project is a new beginning. “Something is about to happen.” Surprise! The Batman sequel might come sooner than thought.

About The Batman 2

Batman, Matt Reeves’ neo-noir take on the DC comic character, skipped the first film history. Bruce’s parents die, Bruce overcomes his anxiety and assumes the form of a bat, and so on and so forth. Reeves’ Batman was more experienced (in his 2nd year as the caped crusader) than those shown in the comics, and this allowed the tale to get beyond the clunky beginning scenes.

Batman actor Robert Pattinson revealed in another session that he is now mulling over possible sequels to the DC comics movie. Bruce’s brain science would nurture north of two more movies, according to the actor. In the Batman world, it’s possible to confirm Pattinson’s suspicions about extras. In an interview with Empire, Batman director Dylan Clarke said the picture is ideally a “institution that you can invent tales after,” suggesting that even Warner Bros. is currently looking out potential continuations. With no official confirmation from Warner Bros., we may speculate about future films. We may have to wait our turn.

What can we expect from the next sequel to The Batman? It’s difficult to predict what may happen if Robin gets a second look. It’s possible that this is the case. We’ll just say, “Maybe.” My head is spinning and I’m at a loss for words. The Batman 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but rumors about a sequel have been floating around the Internet for a long period of time.

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