Blizzard Announces When Overwatch 2 Beta Launches

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The first Overwatch game is already six years old since it was developed by the guys from Blizzard. Information about a sequel has been going around for a while now, and it’s great to see that we’re finally getting some trustful claims.

Aaron Keller, the game director behind Overwatch, just made an important announcement. Overwatch 2 has a closed PvP beta that will launch in late April. The man thanked the players for the support and admitted that there had been a lack of communication. He also says that the developers had been taking the fans’ feedback into account to rethink the game.

Here’s the statement, based on the video:

I want to thank our players for your continued support,

We recognize we haven’t communicated well, haven’t kept you up to date, and honestly, we’ve let you down when it comes to delivering Overwatch content. We hear you and we’re committed to more continual updates on all things Overwatch 2.

Now here’s the video itself:

We even have some important confirmation from Twitter.

If you’re like most gamers, surely you can’t remain untouched when it comes to a team-based shooter that’s set on the future of Earth. Everybody likes to imagine what the future would look like, which means that transcribing such an idea into video games can only be beneficial. Furthermore, let’s not forget that Overwatch is also known for presenting an intense multiplayer showdown where players get to compete against one another in many ways. Overwatch features mercenaries, soldiers, adventures, and even scientists as they come along and try to defeat one another with what they have.

We’re expecting that Overwatch 2 will pretty much follow the same recipe, and we’re eager to see what the developers will bring new! Surely they won’t disappoint!


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