Sony Stops Sales of PlayStation Consoles in Russia

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Sony is not willing to sell any more PlayStation consoles in Russia, and you have already guessed what the reason is. The war between the country and Ukraine is what’s causing many tech companies to withdraw their services from Russia, including Sony.

The new move of Sony even includes the PlayStation 5 console that had sold like hot cakes across the world until now.

Sony roots for peace in Ukraine

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 28, and things aren’t looking as they’ll become peaceful too soon. Hundreds of civilians died in the war, horrifying many companies and officials, whether they’re from the tech industry or not.

Here’s what Sony declared, as quotes:

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) joins the global community in calling for peace in Ukraine,

We have suspended all software and hardware shipments, the launch of Gran Turismo 7, and operations of the PlayStation Store in Russia.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has sold 17.3 million units across the world as of December 31, 2021.

Gran Turismo 7 is an exclusive PS4 and PS5 game, and it launched on March 4. The title supports a maximum of 20 online players as long as the PlayStation Plus service is used. The game offers more than 420 cars that can be accessed through Brand Central and the Used Car Dealership.

As the official description says:

With the reintroduction of the legendary GT Simulation Mode, buy, tune, race and sell your way through a rewarding solo campaign as you unlock new cars and challenges. And if you love going head-to-head with others, hone your skills and compete in the GT Sport Mode.

The PlayStation Store is known to offer downloadable content that can become available either by purchase or free of charge.

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