Watch Video of the Batman Mod for GTA V

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Perhaps everyone agrees that GTA V is an awesome game. Some even claim it to be the best game in history. It’s certainly in the top three best-selling gaming titles of all time. But regardless of how great GTA V is, mods will always exist.

We’re not here to condemn mods. We appreciate those who work hard to make mods possible. They provide an extra flavor for the games, even when it comes to highly-appreciated titles like GTA V.

Batman has interesting moves in GTA 5

Everyone knows Batman. But few people have seen the Caped Crusader as it punches enemies in Los Santos, the map of GTA 5. You now have the chance to be one of the latter group:

As one of the users pinpoints within the comment section of the video, the game finally has some decent martial arts stuff along with the Batman mod. The Dark Knight is well-known for punishing his enemies in all sorts of ingenious ways, and he can even do it without using any of his “toys.”

The creator of the mod even offers a download link via Patreon, and you can find it in the video’s description. The modder is known as ‘JulioNIB’ on both YouTube and Patreon.

As for the official content, GTA 5 prepares the special update for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The update aims to take full advantage of the advanced technology present on the consoles. Therefore, the update will bring graphics up to 4K quality, ray tracing, and much more.

Every GTA fan out there is surely curious about GTA 6. The next iteration of the legendary series is finally reported by Rockstar to be under development. It’s impossible to say for now when the game will come out, and all we can do is wait.

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