Dejan Zlaticanin claimed the Vacant WBC world title in the lightweight division . However I believe personally he wanted to have won it with more credibility.

His oppenent Franklin Mamani, from Bolivia, a last minute replacement to fight highly skilled and undefeated Dejan Zlaticanin of Montenegro for the vacant WBC lightweight title, appeared to be overmatched from the opening bell, consistently getting beat to the punch.

The matchup lasted about as long as expected. Just 54 seconds into the third round, Zlaticanin unleashed a flurry of punches on Mamani, who was on the ropes, and mixed it up with stiff jabs, head shots and body shots that wore on Mamani, who spent most of the fight trying to defend himself, unable to mount much of an offense.

Zlaticanin, a hard-hitting southpaw, finished the Bolivian with a straight left to the jaw as Mamani’s head snapped back. Referee Charlie Fitch recognized that Mamani was unable to defend himself and stopped the fight.

After the fight Dejan was insisting he fought the champion in recess in Jorge Linares . Who Dejan is insisting that Linares is avoiding him. But he does have many other challangers and a tasty unification fight with Flanagan, Crolla ect. So there is plenty of options for all involved.

Lightweight division Hitting up nicely.


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