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Is Wladimir already losing his cool , mentally being played with by Tyson fury without him having saying a word for the last few weeks ? With Wladimir himself comparing Fury to Hitler and calling him an imbecile.

Most of Furys comments came from the back end of last year and with the public controversy it caused, he has since apologised for his actions and promised to be an ambassador for British boxing.

Wladimir for the first time in a long long time is truly rattled where he is not in control of an opponent’s actions media wise like K2 and KMG have been able to do for the last decade . To myself I think that Wladimir is now jumping on the bandwagon of bringing these comments up again in an attempt to unsettle Fury. Not Fury himself but get the media talking about the comments who will divert attention away from Klitschko and the fight itself to build pressure on Tyson in an attempt to make him crack mentally. I would agree in saying it’s a clever strategy but a poor move from Klitschko, A man who has insisted on integrity and no personal calling out and public ridicule on opponents . That in itself makes you think where is Wladimir mind set at this moment in time ? Clearly he is poor shape mentally if he is spending almost all of his media interaction in slagging Tyson Fury off with petty insults and calling for him to be banned

“I was in shock at his statements about women, the gay community, and when he got to the Jewish people he sounded like Hitler. The man is an imbecile. Seriously. You cannot put it all together as a representation of the sport of boxing. He’s an imbecile champion.”

“It puts the world of boxing in the wrong spot. He represents not just himself, but the sanctioning bodies, a lot of boxing fans in general, it’s not just about him and he needs to understand but he obviously doesn’t. All the stupidity that comes out of his mouth …

“Especially in this crazy world when we can see all that’s going on, we don’t need someone having this stage and bringing hate to Jewish people, I can’t accept. As I said, he sounds like Hitler, I cannot accept it and I don’t accept.

“We cannot have a champion like that. Either he needs to be shut up or shut down in the ring, or just suspended, because you cannot create more hate. Friction creates friction, the more hate you bring out there – with women, the gay community and Jewish people – what next is he going to say?”

“It’s not just British fans I’ll be doing a favour when I beat him, it’ll be for Klitschko fans and boxing fans in general,” said Klitschko. “It’s just something we don’t need in this world, it’s beyond boxing. I’m totally not on the same page as him.

“There’s a lot of ‘BS’ coming out of his mouth and I’m not buying it”

The Statement above was taken from Wladimir’s Training camp in Austria and for once is putting his personal feelings and hatred into this fight. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do but one thing which I don’t agree with is the bringing up of the past. Tyson has answered to the powers what be with boxing boards and governing bodies and the police where he was not charged with any offence whatsoever in relation to his comments from the boards and law enforcement.  

Is Wladimir rattled? Absolutely

Tyson Fury has now responded to Wladimir’s statements regarding his comparison to “Hitler”.


Message for @klitschko_official the stupid bum!

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