What’s next for Deontay Wilder?

This past weekend we saw Deontay Wilder defend his WBC heavyweight title successfully against Chris Areolla in Mississippi which saw an 8th round stoppage. The main news from this fight is that Deontay picked up injuries to his hand and bicep which is set to rule out for the rest of 2016 at least. So in the meantime let have a look logically on who wilder can face upon his return.

Domestically in the United States there are few heavyweights who could be deemed as worthy challengers for the titles. One opponent can be recycled by Al Haymon who was defeated in his maiden conquest at the title would be Dominic Breazeale when he returns and could be marketed quite well in the states. You have fellow American Heavyweight in Gerald Washington who occupies a top 15 ranking with the WBC although Washington in my opinion lost to Amir Mansour but was given the draw. Jarrell Miller would be a possibility also, young seemingly powerful and ranked across three governing bodies. Domestically there are not a lot of fresh challengers who have not already faced wilder. The reason why I don’t include Luis Ortiz in the list as that will be extremely hard to negotiate not between the fighters with golden boy promotions of whom are currently in various lawsuits, civil suits and litigation procedures with Al Haymon and his promotional partners.

International Opponents look a lot more positive for Wilder with the British contingent of heavyweights of Joshua, Tyson & Hughie Fury, Haye, Whyte and David Price who could be very realistic challangers for the WBC strap of Wilder’s. Deontay seems very keen of fighting the British Heavyweights in his post-fight media obligations. I believe this to be the case for financial reasons and also the fact being that Britain has got some quality heavyweights. You have the number one heavyweight in the world Tyson Fury doing what no other heavyweight could do in beating Wladimir Klitschko. Anthony Joshua has had a successful 2016 in winning the IBF crown formerly belonging to Tyson Fury who was ridiculously stripped in most people’s eyes. David Haye has been there seen it and done it at two weights and on the comeback run after a sabbatical of several years and climbing back up the rankings and remaining a big draw as ever.

Outside of the UK scene two names spring to mind one is the Alexander Povetkin and the other being Joseph Parker. Alexander is going through various procedures with the WBC into doping allegations but those have seemed to have been cleared by WADA due to their shortcomings in research and testing of meldonium which he tested positive for by minimal trace amounts. Since then WADA has commented into its shortcomings and committed into better research into the behaviour of meldonium within the body, muscle, hormonal system and nervous system. Povetkin has been mandatory for Wilder for a while and was due to face the champion in May of this year but due to the testing that has since been postponed till the organisational procedures with Povetkin have concluded. Also it seems to me that the Wilder camp won’t face Povetkin due to court action from team Wilder and Povetkin due to the fall out of the postponed bout in May. If Wilder loses his bid in court he may have no option but be forced to face Povetkin unless he settles with Povetkin and vice versa.

Joseph Parker is a possibility due to his inexperience against world class heavyweight but is a very dangerous for any opponent due to his speed and power. Parker is again ranked highly across the organisations and number 4 within the WBC who would approve the bout. However he is Mandatory for Anthony Joshua’s IBF title and is lots of speculation on when exactly will that fight take place either late 2016 or early 2017.


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