Vijender Singh’s Homecoming Announced

Today Indian Vijender Singh’s homecoming has at last been announced by promoter Francis Warren with a bout scheduled for July the 16th. The fight will take place in Delhi against Welshman now Australian Kerry Hope (23-7). The fight has been sanctioned for the WBO Super Middleweight Asian title which will mark Vijender’s first title shot of any kind against the former European middleweight champion in Hope.

Quotes to the India Today publication from Vijender (6-0) has stated his excitement “I am really looking forward to the India bout, it is going to be a huge moment for me to step inside the ring in front of my home fans. And that is why I am not going to take any break from training because I want to be at my best,”

The fight was set to be scheduled for June the 16th but could not be made due to logistical issues regarding the visa application of Kerry Hope. To date this is now all in order and relevant paperwork been processed and approved.

The victor of this fight will be ranked within the top 15 of the WBO organisation according to promoter Francis Warren who is firmly backing his man “If Vijender wins on July 16, he will enter the top-15 of the WBO rankings. From there, we are looking at a world title bout in the next few months.” Promoter Warren also expects this fight to be a tough test for Singh considering the level Hope has operated on previously.

One distraction which has occurred in the lead up to this fight has been Vijender’s desire to attempt to qualify for the Olympics. I believe it is delusional for Singh to think that he can qualify for the games with this fight scheduled a matter of days after the qualifying event in July has finished. Warren has stated his viewpoint on the situation regarding Vijender “I won’t at all be happy, if he wants to go there. As I see it, there is no time. Of course he is his own man, he has his own mind but that cannot hinder with what we have planned for him because it’s taken a year to reach where he has. He has contractual obligations with us,” But overall I simply believe it is nationalistic pride from Vijender who is a proud countryman of India.

Hopefully from my point of view I hope this fight is highly attended in India and bring boxing to the mainstream within the country and hopefully grows the market of boxing within the nation. The fight will be live on Boxnation and will be shown live on Star Sports in India. It shows great credit for the broadcaster Star Sports who have backed Vijender with live broadcasts of all his fights up to date (6 fights).



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