Photo Credit: AIBA/IOC

After researching all the fighters in action at the AIBA pro qualifying event in Vargas which runs from 3-8 of July. There is a total of 20 professional fighters attempting to Qualify for this summers Olympics in Brazil. I have enclosed a list per weight category where a Professional fighter is competing in this weeks event.


Newfel Ouatah , French-Algerian heavyweight who is 30 years old. Lost only to Erkan Teper as a pro with record of 14-1

Evan Nedd of Aruba with a record of 5-1 as pro. Heavyweight

Ahmed Samir of Egypt with record of 11-1. All fights took place in the USA. Now fighting as an AIBA pro fighter.


Israel Duffus of Panama with record of 11-3. 24 years old.


Lasislav Kutil of Czech Republic, 40 years old with pro record of 19-4

Spas Genov of Bulgaria with pro record of 7-0

Petra Ciobana of Moldova with pro record of 1-1

Petar Maukovic of Serbia with pro record of 14-0

Denys Solonenko of Ukraine with pro record of 1-0

Norbert Nemesapati of Hungary with Pro record of 21-2. Aged 20

Hassan N’Dam of Cameroon. Former holder of WBO middleweight interim world title and WBA interim world title. IBF title challenger. 33-2 as a pro.


Alexis Conception Abreu aged 28 from Spain . Pro record of 4-0

Geard Ajetovic from Serbia with pro record of 28-15


Carlos Aquino from Argentina with Pro Record of 14-1

Massimillano Ballisai of Italy with record of 20-3. Recently challenged for the EBU title at lightweight

Carlos Portillo of Paraguay with pro record of 18-0


Carmine Tommasone of Italy. 32 year old featherweight. 15-0 as a pro and holder of EU featherweight title.

Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand recent IBF world title holder at Flyweight 17-1


Hermogenes Elizabeth Castilto of Nicaragua pro record of 11-0


Carlos Suarez of Trinidad & Tobago with pro record of 2-1-1. Was a competitor at the 2012 Olympic games in London


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