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A new prizefighter style knockout tournament has been launched today in central London titled “Ultimate Boxxer”. Ultimate Boxxer is the brainchild of Benjamin Shalom of Manchester, involving himself with the “PBE”  boxing promotional company based in Manchester previously in the past along with the Fight-Factory set-up involving Sean Krool.

Ultimate Boxxer will feature eight fighters per series, with the first of which starts on the 28th of April in t EventCity, Manchester with eight unbeaten welterweights fighting for significant cash sum with £50,000 up for grabs. The boxers which are competing in the opening event are Andy Kremner, Ben Eland, Sam Evans, Jimmy Cooper, Drew Brown, Tom Young, Louis Green and Kaisee Benjamin.

The elimination tournament format, approved by the British Boxing Board of Control follows a very similar format to Matchroom Boxing’s successful “Prize Fighter” format. Each event has an initial eight fighters, who compete in four quarter-finals of 3 x 3-minute rounds followed by two semi-finals and one final, with the winner becoming tournament champion for their weight class.

Ultimate Boxxer has Paulie Malignaggi, Anthony Crolla, Dj Charlie Sloth, Ricky Hatton involved with themselves, working in ambassadorial roles and non-executive directors of Ultimate Boxxer (in some cases).

Ricky Hatton, Former three-time Light Welterweight & Welterweight Champion of the World, and ULTIMATE BOXXER ambassador said:

“There is a huge amount of talented British fighters who do not get or cannot get, the mainstream exposure they deserve. In boxing you have to wait for a lucky break and ULTIMATE BOXXER will give them the opportunity for exposure and to show everyone what they are about. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened in ULTIMATE BOXXER could have done for my career when I was making my way through in the early days.”

Paulie Malignaggi, Former Two-Weight World Champion, and ULTIMATE BOXXER, Non-Executive Director, said:

“ULTIMATE BOXXER will provide a golden opportunity for unbeaten fighters to test themselves on the big stage regardless of background, trainer or promotional contract. We see this as the future of boxing promotion, and the solution of how we take the sport of boxing to the British public interest. With credible, competitive bouts each fight and a truly modern age experience to build stronger connections with fans in the venue and at home.

“ULTIMATE BOXXER offers something new, exciting and different to the fight game landscape. The boxers involved are hungry and determined to take a risk in their careers due to lack of opportunity; ULTIMATE BOXXER will enable them to test themselves against rival boxers in the same position and give them an opportunity to towards their ultimate goal of becoming a tournament champion or to open other opportunities that may not have been available to them before.”

The events are set to be shown live via social media involving the like like of Unilad, who have a huge social media range not just in the UK but globally. UniLad has also had previous involvement in boxing, showing a number of events from the UK previously involving the PBE promotional outfit. Promoters and BBBofC licence holders involved with Ultimate Boxxer include Carl Greaves, Jalal Kaman and Benjamin Shalom the founder & Managing Director.

Benjamin Shalom spoke about how the creation of Ultimate Boxxer came around, putting the emphasis on 21st-century culture to drive and develop the company and the fighters into the mainstream.

“ULTIMATE BOXXER is a completely unique brand designed to offer something necessary for fighters by providing a platform to help with recognition of talent. We aim to provide a transparent and independent platform for boxers who aren’t getting the fights they need and deserve to take it to the next level.

“ULTIMATE BOXXER is more than a boxing brand, representing 21st century culture we aim to create an amazing spectacle to engage with multiple audiences. With casual fans only engaged a handful of times per year our entertainment experience and online power allows us to create something special for the consumer and importantly solve current restrictions for fighters in British Boxing. A cutting-edge experience.”




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