Today AIBA has cleared 11 Russian fighters to compete at the Olympic games which start Friday and the draw on Friday morning can go ahead with no hiccups. AIBA was satisfied with the boxer’s personal doping records and rubber stamped their licences to take part in the boxing competition.

The Russian boxers eligible to compete at the Rio Olympics include Vasilii Yegorov (49 kg), Misha Aloian (52 kg), Vladimir Nikitin (56 kg), Adlan Abdurashidov (60 kg), Vitaly Dunaytsev (64 kg), Andrey Zamkovoy (69 kg), Artem Chebotarev (75 kg), Petr Khamukov (81 kg) and Evgeny Tishchenko (91 kg).

The Russian female boxing team will be represented by Anastassiia Beliakova (60 kg) and Iaroslava Iakushina (75 kg).


“In accordance with the decision of the IOC Executive Bureau (EB) of July 24th AIBA has carried out an individual analysis of the anti-doping record of each of the 11 Russian boxers qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and submitted its recommendation on their eligibility to the IOC based on the criteria outlined in the IOC EB decision,”.  “That process is now complete and confirmation has been received from the IOC Review Panel,” the statement from AIBA


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