After much scrutiny over the recent allegations and exposure of Russian state doping to its Olympic athletes RBF (Russian Boxing Federation) director is confident that his nation’s boxers can compete at the Olympics.

“We sent all information to AIBA yesterday, they should not have any claims against us. We will receive an official decision soon, all boxers should compete at Olympic Games,” Evgeny Sudakov told TASS the Russian news agency.

This comes after AIBA stated in a statement that they will be reviewing all samples of Russian boxers before making a decision to rubber stamp their approval to compete at this summer Olympics.

“AIBA has taken note and supports the Decision of the IOC Executive Board concerning the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. We are reviewing and analyzing, on a case by case basis, the anti-doping record of the 11 Russian boxers currently qualified for Rio 2016. This information and the decision of AIBA in respect of the athlete’s eligibility will be submitted to the IOC for confirmation in due course. AIBA remains committed to the WADA Code and will deal with any breach of the AIBA Anti-Doping Regulations.”

A date to announce AIBA’S finding is not clear but will be expecting an announcement extremely soon .


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