Ruslan Provodnikov : Just an Opinion

Russian light welterweight Ruslan Provodnikov is not a beautiful master of the sweet science. Nor is he the most talented fighter. One thing which he does have is pure heart and determination . That is all what Fighters , Fans , Pundits expect and thus is why Ruslan is arguably the most popular Russian in the sport.

He may not speak English but in the language of power and strength the Americans have taken to him with a huge shine. In the era of outspoken personalities and politics Ruslan has taken it in his stride just like his fighting.
Bite down on the gum shield and carry on throwing , no retreat , no surrender. He has proven that time after time.
War after War. Battle after Battle. He proves to us his heart after every single fight.

Which leads on to tonight’s encounter with John Molina Jr. There is no title on the line. While some promoters would have insisted that the fight needs a belt or title . Ruslan and his team said no we don’t need one, we just want to fight. That deserves full credit to all in involved on both sides.

Where does the winner go from tonight encounter ? Good question. Is Ricky Burns a possibility ? Yes, Winner of Crawford v Postol? Unlikely. The loser of the bout ? Almost certainly an option. But in reality do we the fans care ? Yes to a certain degree . But what does matter is that both fighters try and work every second of every round.

Does Ruslan do that ? Yes , Does he get the respect he deserves ? Yes. Is he loved by a fan base ? Yes.

But is he worth another title shot ? Certainly

*just an opinion we are all entitled to them.


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