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They say never meet your heroes as it will only end up with you being disappointed, however, catching up with Ricky Burns a three weight world champion and one of the acknowledged “nice guys” in boxing was nothing but a pleasure. Ricky is known to love putting in the hard work in the gym and as he wrapped his hands in preparation for another training session he opened up about the Crolla fight, how he scored it, what he hopes will happen for him in 2018 and burgers!

“I always tick over even when I don’t have a fight arranged to be honest, a week after the Crolla fight I was back out running. Because I like to eat so much I have to keep training laughed Ricky I enjoy boxing but the worst thing about it for me is the dieting so after fights I always keep in the gym doing weights, circuits and running as it means I can eat what I want without getting too big. I am the worst for burgers and takeaways, TGI’s is always my favourite after a fight or if I’m in Glasgow there is a place called Bread meets Bread and it’s amazing.”

Looking ahead to his next fight Ricky admitted he was still waiting to hear what was happening and spoke openly about his views on the fight with Crolla.

“I’m just waiting to hear about what’s next, I know after the fight he (Crolla) spoke about possibly doing the rematch in Glasgow but I’ve also seen things that Anthony has been saying about wanting to fight for a World Title next”

“In the fight itself when I was in there I thought I had done enough to win it but when I watched it back I scored it a draw and that was even giving any close rounds to him as I knew he would get those ones. Let’s hope he knows himself deep down that he didn’t win that fight and that we get it on again. He’s a nice guy I get on well with him and he’s a good fighter but I think if the rematch happens I will be making sure that it’s a totally different outcome.”

Photo Credit: Jon Bruce/HitHardNews


As far as where the fight is held Ricky did not seem to mind if he had to travel again to get the fight.

“It’s always good fighting in Glasgow but I did say after the fight that if they wanted me to go to Manchester again then I would do it as a ring is a ring so it doesn’t really matter where it is.”

Analysing the fight an honest Ricky gave his views.

“During the fight when I was in there especially in the first half I thought I was doing enough but when I watched it back he was looking busier although he was hitting arms and gloves. I’d say I was landing the cleaner shots but he did look busier and that was why I’d say, especially in the first half, you have to give him those rounds but the second half I certainly finished the stronger out of us. After the fight I was a bit gutted but I honestly did think I done enough to win so let’s hope they want to do it again.”

Ricky is so focussed on having this rematch that he has not really contemplated any other fight as yet and he confessed.

“You know we have not really spoken about anything else yet so I would just have to wait and see. I am definitely staying at Lightweight though 100%. I think that especially in the Crolla fight because I knew I hadn’t done Lightweight for so long I was strict with my diet and I actually did the weight properly for the first time ever. Everybody was saying I looked good particularly in the build-up to the fight and the weigh-in and stuff and I did feel a lot better in there as well. Don’t get me wrong, at times it was hard and especially about 10 weeks from the fight when you are being strict with yourself counting calories and no sneaky bars of chocolate at night but I just showed that as long as I’m strict I can still do the weight comfortably so I’ve going to be staying at Lightweight.”

With Ricky’s camps being down in London we discussed how often he has to travel and what it’s like training with the other fighters in the gym.

“I’m mostly up here now, I’m still training with Tony Sims but after fights I’m more or less back home and I go down for a few days here and there. I was down last month for a few days and I’m going to go down before Xmas for a few as well. After the year is out and once there is a date confirmed for me then that’s when I’ll go back down full time. I’m not sure when I’ll hear about the date as I just leave that up to my manager Alex (Morrison) and Eddie Hearn and they can sort it out but they were talking about March or April so there is plenty of time. I just want a date now so that I can get the head down and get back into a routine. At least this way I will be home for Xmas and I can relax and enjoy my food.”

“I’m also training with some great guys who are all good fighters, Connor Benn, Ohara Davies, Ted Cheeseman, Martin Ward, John Ryder and Felix Cash. I’m doing a lot of sparring with all of them and we all train and do our running together. When you are sparring Tony has us scattered about but we are all around about the same weight so it’s good that way and we all get on well so it’s a good laugh.”

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