This week is fight week in the UK where the headline act is Joshua v Breazeale featuring George Groves v Martin Murray, Eubank JR v Doran ,John Wayne Hibbert and Connor Benn just to name few .

Sky Sports are today showing the media workouts from York hall on

The Workouts will feature all the normal razzmatazz of pad work, skipping, shadow boxing and the chance for fans to mingle with their favorite fighters and the sky sports team as per usual.

But during this event today which starts at 5pm at York Hall, London is a little twist, There is going to be two fights in between work outs with Ohara Davies(11-0-KO9)  and Craig Richards  (3-0-KO1)  being the fighting attractions

Ohara will be facing off against Zoltan Szabo (9-0-KO3) in a lightweight contest but in recent times has notified Eddie (Edward) Hearn that he intends to move up to light-welterweight at some point in the near future. Ideally to face the winner of Tyrone Nurse and Tommy Coyle for the British Title in that weight division. Names also mentioned at Light welterweight include Dave Ryan. But Ohara has also stated that he would like to face Sean Dodd and did not mince his words when he spoke to Sky Sports online:

“I don’t like Sean Dodd. He can’t box and he’s getting all of these opportunities. People think he’s good and he’s getting all this air time but he can’t fight. There are other fighters out there that can box and don’t sell the tickets. He can sell tickets and can’t box. “He’s got the WBC International title but he shouldn’t have that. He’s complete trash and can’t box. If I got offered that fight, I’d come back down to lightweight. “I genuinely don’t like him even though he’s a nice guy. Boxing isn’t for nice guys – it’s for the rough, raw and angry people. If you want to go and be a nice person then you should plant flowers for a living. Boxing isn’t a sport for people like Dodd, who want to be a nice guy.”

Craig Richards who is a super-middleweight will be making his 4th appearance as a pro against Richard Horton (10-8-KO1) and Richards in my opinion in good time can certainly capture Domestic and Continental titles. This is a fighter who is operating under the radar and will be surprising people with how good he actually is.


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