Photo Credit: KYODO

Former minimumweight world title holder, multi-time world title challenger Moises Fuentes as asked the WBC to review his defeat on Sunday to WBC world flyweight titleholder Daigo Higa. The move is somewhat strange and surprising from Fuentes, who was counted out in the first round after a vicious onslaught from Japan’s Higa. The bout between Higa and Fuentes took place in Japan on Sunday.

Fuentes claimed that he was able to continue in the contest after being knocked down in the contest with 40 seconds of the first round remaining, despite pulling out his mouthpiece during the count and putting it on the canvas before rising to the referee. Fuentes claimed that he rose from the canvas at the count of eight when actually it was at nine.Speaking to the WBC, Fuentes say’s the following regarding his defeat to Higa.

“I stand before you with my head high, I know that the main opportunities occur a few times in life and that’s why I prepared myself a hundred percent.

I knew that Higa is a very difficult champion, who has many skills and strength, but I trained for that. I accept that Higa hit me hard, I also know  I was able to continue.Today I am here to formalize my disagreement and to ask for a review of the fight”

The WBC have granted Fuentes’s wish of the fight to be reviewed and have asked the respective reports from the WBC supervisor present at the contest in Japan along with referee Len Koivisto’s report of the contest.


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