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Firstly why did you get into boxing and at what age and which boxing club?

I’ve always loved the sport since I was young my dad decided on the idea of me going to the gym to try it, I was 9 years old & the club was Birtley ABC.

Was their any inspiration specifically as a reason why you got involved?

I loved watching Mike Tyson he was my inspiration from the boxing game, you could say he was one of the reasons I wanted to try it the sport.

What’s your biggest amateur achievement, Was it being selected to represent England?

My biggest achievement was definitely representing England very proud moment.

Your toughest opponent as an amateur?

It’s hard to say who my toughest opponent was in the amateurs cos I was always in hard fights, they all brought something different to the table.

What made you decide to turn professional?

I’ve always wanted to turn professional it’s always been a dream of mine going through the boxing game, I had the chance and the time felt right so I took it with both hands.

How grateful are you to fighting chance in terms of giving you a chance to shine?

I’m very grateful for what Fighting chance have gave me they’ve gave me a great platform to be the very best I can, I’m very confident I can deliver and make them proud.

Who are you working with as your coach/trainer?

I’ve got great coaches in Ronnie Rowe (The Dish) & Gary Barr (Barrzy) they’ve got all the experience, they’ll get the best out of me.

Who else is with you in the gym day in/ day out (in terms of other fighters)?

My team mates are TK, Kyle Redfearn, Jamie Jones, Jamie Humble, all great lads never a dull moment in the gym!! We’ve all got potential to do big things.

Have you found the switch to the professional side easier or harder then expected and if harder what’s the reason?

I’ve found the pro game better, I prefer it more than the amateurs.

How would you describe your fighting style? And have you had to tweak a few things to adjust stylistically?

My fighting style is come forward aggressive which everyone loves to watch but I can box & move too I’m able to adapt just depends on the fight.

You now have had a few weeks to reflect but how did you evaluate your last performance?

My last fight was always going to be a hard one my opponent had 50+ fights been in with top names, looking back on it I’m very proud of my performance boxed really well did what I had to do won all 4 rounds, the business was done.

Have you discussed with Fighting Chance in terms of plans for the rest of 2016?

Future plans are just to keep getting the fights keep moving forward getting better each time, the area title is something we’ll be looking at.

What aspirations do you have which you wish to achieve in the sport (Titles, huge profile fights etc)?

I want to be in big fights on the biggest stages, I want titles I’ll work my way through one day I could have myself a WORLD TITLE!!!

Do you have any sponsors which you wish to thank and shout out?

I’d like to say a massive thanks to my sponsor “The Hanlon pub in Birtley” I appreciate what Stevie Davies does for me.


If you would like to know more about Mark follow him on Twitter at @1Markwhite or visit his promoters page at @fcpromotions1


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