Manny Pacquiao Confirms Return

Its official Manny Pacquiao is returning to the ring and will be facing WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas in November. Pacquiao’s long-time manager Michael Koncz discussed and seem to confirm that the Vargas match up will take place in November and Pacquiao has confirmed “Yes, the fight is on. I have agreed to a November 5 fight with reigning WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas,”

There was a meeting between Pacquiao, Bob Arum and Koncz on Tuesday in Manila to discuss the future and possibility of fighting on and we have known since that Manny will return to the ring. A venue is yet to be confirmed but Jessie Vargas confirmed last week that talks are on-going to hold the fight in Las Vegas using the Thomas and Mack centre. There will be a press tour in September for the fight on the 8-10 of September which will take place Los Angeles.

Talking about his return Manny quoted that the financial rewards were too rewarding to turn down “Boxing is my main source of income. I can’t rely on my salary as a public official,” he said. “I’m helping the family of my wife and my own family, as well. Many people also come to me to ask for help and I just couldn’t ignore them.”

Manny insists his camp will also take place in his native Philippines “My entire training camp will be held here in the Philippines so I can attend to my legislative work. This is my campaign promise and I’m determined to keep it”



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