Hello and thanks for talking to HitHard News today, firstly how are you?

I am fine thanks.

How did you get into the sport of boxing? Was it through the British military? Or was there any prior interest in the sport? Is boxing popular in Fiji or is it all about Rugby union, league and sevens sport wise?

I got into the sport of Boxing when I was 15 back home in Fiji when I used to watch my mums cousins train. Both of them loved their boxing but only one of them represented Fiji in the South Pacific Games and got a Gold Medal. Was not till I joined the British Army that I had my first fight although I was always keen on the sport but back home in Fiji Rugby is the main sport and we as Fijians are known in the World as the Kings of rugby sevens and even rugby league is in our blood now. Just wished we were like Cubans growing up in the sport of boxing.

You have had an extensive amateur career with various accolades. So what has been your proudest achievement as an amateur?

As an amateur boxer, one of my best achievements was winning the Combined Services twice and been in the ABAs.

Who was your toughest opponent as an amateur?

One of my toughest opponents as an amateur was Frazer Clarke who was in the GB Team, I was gutted I lost because I did not even have enough time to train for that fight. My Boss wanted me to go back to work after winning my second Combined Services Title and the ABA’s quarters was 2 weeks later in Scunthorpe, I just rang the coach, rocked up at the venue and jumped in the ring that was just me and my mentality because I just love a good scrap.

Do you regret not facing Anthony Joshua at the 2011 aba’s?

Yes I do regret not facing Big AJ in the ABAs in 2011, the head coach said I was not ready because he was representing England at the time and was due to be selected for the London 2012 Olympics. It was straight after the weigh in that I was told to step down but hey, look where he is now and what he has achieved and his hard work has definitely paid off.

How did the opportunity to sign for Fighting Chance come around?

The opportunity for signing with Fighting Chance came when I followed one of my mates, an Ex Pro called Paul O’Hagan to the Gym. I’d never heard of the gym before, but started training with the amateurs then I told the old man Ron Rowe that I wanted to join his stable of pro boxers.  I was under the watchful eye of Gary Barr for a few weeks till him and the Old Man were happy to take me on board.

Are you training full time as a professional or are you working as well? If you are working do you find it difficult to find the right balance between working and training?

I am a professional soldier and have been in the Army for 14 years. I’m based down North Yorkshire so travel daily to work from my house up in Gateshead. I do sometimes find it difficult to find the right balance between work and training but need to concentrate on my work as well as it pays all my bills.

In your opinion what’s the biggest difference from amateur boxing to professional boxing?

The difference between amateur and Professional boxing is that you need to learn to pace yourself because in the amateur’s you only have 3 rounds and in pro game it differs from 4 to 12 rounds and it depends which level you are at.

How would you describe your fighting Style?

My fighting style is quite different for a heavyweight because I can box on my front foot and put pressure on and be aggressive and I love to box on back foot as well.

You have had three professional fights so far, so it seems everything is going to plan so are you happy with your progression so far?

Yeah I’ve only only had the 3 Pro fights so far but everything is going according to plan.

Looking back how happy were you with your performance against Jan Hrazdira?

My performance against Jan Hrazdira was good but I was too eager to stop him and did not pick my punches properly. He has boxed Dillian Whyte and Chisora and watching that, neither one of them rocked him and I did, which showed that I have some decent power but that is just going to improve with more fights and experience down the line.

Have you discussed with Fighting Chance your next move fight wise? Are you targeting a northern area title fight? When do you expect to be back in the ring?

I will be back in the ring 24th September and get that out the way and get the Northern Area Title in December and move up the ranks domestically.

Do you have any sponsors you wish to thank?

I would like to thank Dan Dixon Electrical and Security Ltd, Mr Graham Potter and Mike Butterill of Lightnation.


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