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Iain Trotter was delighted to announce that he would be contesting his first title fight on the undercard of the “Scotland’s Finest” bill headlined by Josh Taylor V Humberto Soto at the SSE Hydro on March 3rd.

Undefeated Iain will fight for the Scottish Middleweight Title against Marc Kerr in only his 7th contest and could be crowned champion in his first year as a professional as his debut fight was on 11th March 2017.

This will be Iain’s first 10 round fight and he admitted that whilst it was a big step up in the number of rounds he did not see it as a big step up in terms of the level of opposition.

“Marc hasn’t had much of an amateur pedigree as it was mainly white collar fights he was in before he turned pro. He is tough and durable and he will give me a very tough fight there is no doubt about that. I don’t think he is on my level though and this is a great opportunity for me to win my first title. I’ve got the greatest of respect for Marc, I’ve met him at different shows and he’s a really nice guy but this is just the game we are in.”

In terms of the move up to 10 rounds, Iain was confident about being able to handle the jump.

“It is a big jump and almost a big risk in a lot of ways as I’m going from 4 round fights straight to 10, Marc has the advantage on me that way but it will open so many doors for me once I win and it was too big an opportunity to miss. Winning this stamps my authority and puts my name out there for even bigger fights down the line.”

At the prospect of fighting at his biggest venue to date, Iain admitted he was looking forward to his big night.

“I have never fought at the Hydro before, to be on a televised show like this in front of the biggest crowd I will have performed in front of for a Title is amazing and I’m buzzing for it. When I first heard about the fight I was that excited I struggled to get to sleep for about 2 nights just at the thought of it. I was in the gym and my trainer Billy Nelson mentioned the fight to me, I mean to be honest I’d have fought anyone but to get the opportunity on a show like this to win my first title in incredible. There will be an army of the east coast boys coming along to support me and I can’t wait to hear my entrance music being played.”

Stopping short of a full prediction, Iain was however adamant he would be crowned the new Scottish Champion on the night.

“I never look for a knockout but I know I have the ability to get it, if it goes the distance it goes the distance but I’m confident of the win. When it comes to levels I feel I have the much superior skills.”

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