Will history be made or not? That is the question surrounding Ricky Burns come tomorrow night in his Bid to be a 3 weight world champion at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland live on SKY SPORTS. Ricky (39-5-1) fighting in a light welterweight contest for the Vacant WBA world championship against Michele Di Rocco of Italy and former Undefeated European Champion (40-1-1) who might be known to UK fans for a controversial clash with former British champion Lenny Daws in 2013 where many thought Di Rocco lost and was gifted the decision on the score cards and some controversial products used between rounds to fix where he was cut where the healing process was visible to all to see.

It was surprising to say the least when this belt became vacant that Ricky was in the running to contest for the strap as it has been well documented that Ricky was looking for another shot at a world title down in the light weight division considering his promoter also has WBA lightweight champion Anthony Crolla on his books and that seemed to most the most logical matchup which could be made. However I must give credit to Ricky for taking this fight at a weight which he feels is too heavy for him in the past and also to Edward Hearn for First delivering the opportunity on a plate for Ricky with it being in his native Scotland, secondly against a very beatable opponent and lastly bringing big time boxing back to Scotland.

How can do I see this fight going well it would be ignorant of me to say that I have followed DI Roccos’s career with any interest but on first glance I have noticed that he is not a big prolific KO artist with 18 stoppages in his 40 wins. He does process a solid boxing ability where the basics are strong with a good solid continental guard but at times very telegraphic punch set up and action but one thing which I will say is that DI Rocco for his critics has been on the verge of a world title shot for roughly 3 years as he has been very highly ranked within mainly the WBC before as standard with being European champion. The fact this is the first fight that DI Rocco has had outside of mainland Europe and only his 3rd fight outside of Italy will be a test of his mentality where he truly is in a boxing’s lions den considering his previous fights in Spain and Finland are not renown for hostile atmosphere’s but Questionable Officiating.

I would say if Ricky Burns has anything about him school wise on paper ricky should have too much experience at World Level and ability to cope with fighters such as Di Rocco and should be putting on the pressure from the start to ask questions truly of Michele’s heart and desire as in a boxing match I would favour Burns all day long but if it turns into a scrap I would not write off Di Rocco as that would be foolish of me to do so.

Also Fighting on the Card we have Tyrone Nurse and Native Willie Limond contesting the British Light welterweight belt. John – Lewis Dickinson v Tyrone McCarthy in a cruiserweight contest, other names include John Ryder, Charlie Flynn , Anthony Ogogo making his return from long term injury and Scott Cardle .


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