Scotland’s former Scottish and British amateur boxing champion Lee McGregor, has won his debut contest and got his career underway. The Edinburgh native claimed victory with first round stoppage over Bulgarian Stefan Sashov in a contest set for 4×3 rounds at bantamweight.

McGregor was roared on by his hometown fans, secured two knockdown in the contest by body attacks. First knockdown came within 1:10 seconds of the contest, a sharp left hook to the body sent the Bulgarian to the canvas, raising gingery at the count of eight. The Bulgarian proceeded to fight negatively, covering up and smothering the work of McGregor.

McGregor would not be denied however, sending another body shot around the elbow of the Bulgarian which forced him back onto the canvas. Official Kenny Pringle began to count the Bulgarian, before deciding that he was in no position to continue with seconds remaining of the opening session.


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