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Marek Laskowski fights against Damian Wrzesinski for the Polish Lightweight Title on 24th February. He is hoping to make history by becoming the first man to have won both the Scottish title and the Polish title having won the Scottish by defeating Andy Mackay last year.

This will be the 2nd fight between Marek and Wrzesinski with the first fight being stopped due to a horrific cut caused by a head clash on the undercard of Tomasz Adamek ‘s fight with Fred Kassi and was declared a no contest.

Marek explained what happened last time they met.

“In the last fight, I used the first round to see what he had and figure him out. In the 2nd I felt I knew what plan we could work to and would let him dive in so I could counter which is what I was doing. As he dived in he seemed to grab me around the back of the head and pulled me in so we clashed. I ended up with 4 staples in my head but it’s all part of the game.”

How has training been going for this one?

“Training has been great, I’ve been working with Mark Wallace at warehouse gym on my strength and conditioning and he is pushing me to my limits and bringing me to another level of fitness. Both Matthew & David McAllister are my trainers but Matthew is coming over with me as there is also a big title match here in Aberdeen that night with Darren Traynor so David will need to stay for that one. Matthew was with me last time and he was doing a good job for me in the corner so it should be just as good this time, the Polish title is also over 10 rounds but hopefully less.!”

What have you learned since the last fight?

The guy I am fighting is really fit and keeps coming forward. He is all pressure and will try to walk me down; I don’t think he has the best technique though so if I use my movement I could let him tire himself out by throwing all his punches at fresh air. I’m quite an awkward fighter everyone I fight seems to think I’m awkward to hit. I vacated the Scottish Title to prepare for this so I’m hoping after I win the polish Title I can fight again for the Scottish one, win it back then move onto bigger titles. I would really like to fight Charlie Flynn for a title, he is a good fighter and I think that would be a great fight for Marek Laskowski or me and that’s a target for me later this year.”

What title would mean the most to you the Polish Title or Scottish one?

“Both the same, I will never forget where I come from so fighting for the Polish Title is great but Aberdeen has been my home for nearly 9 years now, it’s been a great honour for me to win a Scottish Title. I was the first Polish man to win a Scottish Title and it was also the first belt for Northern Sporting Club.”

In an ideal world how would you plan out this year and what’s your prediction for the fight?

“Win some meaningful fights and some titles, I’d like to challenge myself and fight someone like Charlie Flynn who had a great amateur career, it’s time for him to step up as well.”

“As far as a prediction goes I will win, I don’t care if it’s a stoppage or points I just know I’m going to do whatever it takes to be a two-time champion.”


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