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Kristen Fraser goes up against Claire Cianter on 24th Feb at the Double Tree Hilton Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen vowing to take her frustration out against her Maltese opponent. Hard at training under the guidance of trainer David McAllister, Kristen openly discussed how she is looking forward to getting back in the ring, the fighters she looks up to and her dream matchup.

You must have had the worst luck recently with your last three bouts being cancelled?

“It’s been hard but these things happen. I had a really bad chest infection for one then Claire Cianter didn’t have the right scans for the board for some reason when we were originally meant to fight. My most recent fight the girl I was supposed to be fighting got flu. You go through camp and build up properly and the last one got called off just before weigh-in so it’s been frustrating”

“Normally you don’t know your opponent that far in advance but with this one I’ve had something to obsess over, she also got in the ring and said what she was going to do to and that she was going to beat me so I can’t wait. I’m definitely going to take some of my frustration out on Claire, she’s getting it. She is going to come forward but I know if anyone wants to walk through me they are going to have a hell of a job so she is going to walk straight into my big right hands. I’m so focused for this one and I’m going to wipe the floor with her”

“It’s a great bill as well with Billy Stuart, Liall Mackenzie and also Darren Traynor going for his 3rd Scottish Title. I haven’t stopped or knocked anyone out yet but she is going to be the first scalp, when you have the home crowd behind you it really spurs you on as well. I’ve got a lot of aggression behind this fight, if she has the cheek to say she’s going to beat me she better bring it and back up her words. I’ve got a lot to unleash after all these training camps”

What made you get into boxing?

“To be honest there were no clubs that would take on girls when I started years ago so I tried other combat sports but it’s always been boxing that I’ve loved. I’ve been doing this for about eleven years now, I managed to get about twenty odd amateur fights but it wasn’t a big pool to fight in the amateurs. It’s pretty much the same in the pro’s now too so it’s all international fighters I’m up against at the moment. I’ll be creeping towards the top 10 in Europe after this fight and I intend to rip through that pool as well once I’m there”

With there not being a big pool would you move weight classes for fights?

“In terms of weight classes I would probably be big enough to go up to the weight of a Katie Taylor or Chantelle Cameron but I wouldn’t carry it properly and they are a level above me just now. I could go down one though. The big one for me would be Nicola Adams, I’d love to get hold of her but she would have to move up a weight. I’d take that fight in a heartbeat though if it were ever a possibility. I’m looking to keep on hunting down good opponents; there is no need to keep the leash on so just let me go and get on with it”

Do you have anyone you enjoy watching as a fan?

I enjoy Katie Taylor I think she is a fantastic fighter and Chantelle Cameron as well is dynamite, I think they are on a bit of a collision course and it would be a fantastic match up. I have a lot of respect for them both and think they are doing a lot for the sport. In the men’s game, I like the Heavyweights but I also like watching Carl Frampton & Gennady Golovkin”

Your nickname is TFE for “The First Ever” being the first Scottish female professional, what would you like to be known for during your career?

“I can box and I can fight, I want to be able to entertain. Once there are more women in the sport I want to be the one that they are trying to knock off the pedestal. I don’t just want to be someone who did it and went away I want to be up there and be the one to beat”

In terms of a prediction, Kristen had no doubts how the fight would go.

“It will be the later rounds as I want to break her down and I’m going to love every minute of it. I’m going to walk her into big punches from my right hand wear her down back her into her corner and take the legs from her”

Anyone looking for sponsor opportunities with Kristen or tickets for the show can contact her via the Northern Sporting Club or David McAllister on 07864 692000



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