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Darren “Trayn Wreck” Traynor is moving up 2 weight classes to challenge Eddie Doyle for his Super Lightweight Scottish Title which would be Darren’s 3rd Scottish Title across different weight classes.

Looking forward to the bout which will take place at the Doubletree Hilton Treetops in Aberdeen on 24th February Darren explained how training was going, why the jump up in weight won’t be an issue, his dislike for Doyle and how proud he will be to make history.

How has training been going?

“Training is going great so far, I’m also going over to Tenerife to do some training with Liam & Ryan Walsh. I’ll get a good week in the sun, get some good training and get my mind focussed on the fight.

You are moving up in weight for this one, what issues do you think this will give you?

I’m big at 9st so I don’t see it as a problem, this will make history as it will be my 3rd title and I will be the first guy from Aberdeen to win three Scottish titles which would make me feel over the moon.

Weight is not a problem for me, I’ll fight anyone at any weight especially if someone threatens that they are going to come and mangle my face in. If he is going to try and come up here and mangle me I’m just going to have to mangle his face right back”

Surely the move up makes things tougher?

“Every fight is a tough fight, obviously he’s going to be the bigger guy and have a bit more power but I’ve got speed and for a small guy I’ve got a lot of power as well. The good thing is I can eat pretty much whatever I want with this being up at welterweight so I don’t have that to worry about. It’s going to be an exciting fight and he is supposed to have a good travelling support coming but to win a 3rd title across 3 weight classes in front of my fans will be amazing. I just want to get into the ring make a bit of history for Aberdeen”

What was the bad blood from the past?

“It was just the way we look at each other to be honest, I think we just wind each other up. I don’t think he likes me and I don’t particularly like him. He thinks he’s going to come up here and mangle me, my sister told me he’s been saying stuff like that on twitter so we will see what happens once we are in the ring and I will hopefully knock him out”

With this being a bit of a grudge fight, what’s your prediction?

“I’m planning to knock him out but a wins a win so if it goes the distance I’m fine with that too. Doyle likes to come forward and he likes to have a go but then again so do I. I think I will meet him head on but feel I will be a bit more composed than he will”

After this fight do you plan on staying at this weight?

“I think I’d go back down once I’ve won it but it depends what my trainer says. After this I’ll move on to see what other big fights are out there, maybe a Commonwealth Title or I’d love a crack at the British if it came up again”

Anyone looking for tickets can contact Northern Sporting Club on Facebook or phone 07864 692000


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