I am seriously questioning the credibility with drug testing in the sport of boxing.  A fight which has gone under the radar and which will shock people certainly in the UK is the enigma Erkan Teper. This name may mean nothing to the man in the street but in heavyweight boxing he was a relevant figure. Was highly ranked across all the governing bodies, European Champion, Undefeated, Big puncher and defeated British heavyweight David Price in brutal fashion.

However due to some fantastic investigation work by the German police and authorities it was discovered that Teper has been involved in the PED distribution and use as far back as 2013. Vitalis fitness is a gym where Teper was associated with and has been investigated for the distribution of pharmaceuticals illegally. Although you cannot be certain that Teper was involved it is certainly not a good look.  However in June of 2014 Teper had failed a drug test against Newfel Ouatah during his successful attempt of claiming the EBU heavyweight title. You are wondering if he had failed his testing why was he carried on to box? Well in brief the BDB (German professional boxing council) did not publicly acknowledge the testing results and failed to punish Teper for his offences. So all in all complete ignorance from the BDB.

The second chain of farcical events regarding Erkan Teper is the fact the German authorities searched a Car and Hotel room which Teper and his team had frequently used and visited. During the searches huge amounts of elite banned substances were discovered. The substances were Human Growth Hormone, Clenbuterol, Testosterone and Methandrostenolone which were discovered.  This took place in April of 2015 and systematically went unreported by the BDB or any internal investigation or punishment for the second time. The German Police Investigation is still on-going.

The third chain of events is that Teper once again failed a drug test in the aftermath of his victory of David Price in a defence of his European title in July of 2015. Then again for the second time the BDB completely ignored the drug testing results and failed to punish Teper .

The German fighter has been given suspensions from both the BDB and the European Boxing Union which last for two years as of December 9th 2015 till 2017.

You are probably wondering why I am going over old ground? Well guess who is back in action this weekend? That’s right our friend Erkan Teper . He will be fighting on the 3rd of July against American Derric Rossy in in Lüneburg, Germany promoted by PSP Boxing (Germany). This on its own asks its own questions in to how boxing is being administrated on wider scale; Teper to our knowledge was banned by two organisations for a period of two years. What has changed? What has happened? . If I had the answers I would happily report them but it’s sadly one of those situations where we just have to wait and see?. Who would sanction a fight with this man involved with his current legal affairs? The fact he has been found guilty and banned by the continental organisation for the sport, does that mean anything these days? (promotional outfit promoting this farce)


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