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Promoter David Higgin’s of Duco Events who handle WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, has continued in public transcript of negotiations between his charge and unified heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua. Higgins has been regularly stating to the media of the progress of talks as-well as setting out his and Parker’s demands and requirements in terms of percentage splits of purses for the unification clash.

David Higgins spoke to Sky Sports to give somewhat of an “update” suggesting a deal is close to being agreed, but states that Anthony Joshua is unwilling to concede or compromise on the purse split. Higgins and Parker are holding out for 35% on their side of the bargain with Joshua suggested to be only willing to give 30%-32% of any purse split to the WBO title holder.

Higgins gave an update of the talks and went on to say:

“We started at what we thought was a fair ratio, and then a concession was given on our side,” Higgins told Sky Sports.

“The truth is we were getting pretty close, and then there was talk of me going to London, but I made it clear I won’t unless there was a concession on the Joshua side.

“Frankly we thought there would be, but no, it’s been signalled there won’t be. As far as we’re concerned, that’s it for now. I won’t be boarding a plane until we are closer.”

Asked about a possible resolution, Higgins added: “As it stands, AJ is refusing to compromise and has drawn a line in the sand that we think is unreasonable. It’s not worth me coming to London.”

“If Anthony says he wants to be the Roger Federer of boxing, can you imagine Roger Federer saying I want to win all the Grand Slams, but I won’t play Wimbledon unless I get an extra three per cent?” he said.

“Can you imagine Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis dodging unification because 65 per cent of profit is not enough?

“Joshua, if he wants to be taken seriously, and he wants to put himself in the same sentence as Ali or George Foreman or Federer, has to prove he’s a man of his word, and to date he’s all hot air. We’re losing patience.”



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