David Allen is one of the most exciting up and coming heavyweights on the UK scene at the moment. Standing current with a record of 9 wins and 0 losses with 6 KO’s.

He has trained with the likes of current world heavyweight champions Tyson Fury & Anthony Joshua as well as  former 10 year reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko.

He is currently looking at fights for the British title against Dillian Whyte.

Hello Dave thanks for taking time to answer a few questions

1. Looking back on the Jason Gavern fight have you identified any things to improve on?

The Gavern fight above all else taught me to not underestimate anyone and prepare correctly, last 5 days I cancelled out 8 weeks of hard work, that aside working on getting my distance right, better jab, more uppercuts.

2. Do you think its beneficial for fighters to take to social media and self promote themselves , especially with the reach of potential millions of people.

For fighters like myself social media is the place to get your name out there and for me it’s worked, being able too fight isn’t enough in boxing in 2016.

3. Have you received any negativity due to your social media activity.

For the most part everyone in social media is great, you get the odd one taking things too far but the people in boxing understand what Im doing and it’s just me being me but sharing it with the world.

4. In a very recent interview with Tyan booth for iFL TV you mentioned you were contemplating switching to Dominic Ingle as coach , what advantages and improvements do you think he can bring to yourself.

I am now working with Dominic now at the Ingle gym, it’s the gym where I first started boxing and it was the time to go back, Dominic is no nonsense and he has learnt from the best in his father, so far so good things are going well.

5. You said Steffy bull will remain as your manager.. How grateful are you to him and the work he has done with you.

Stefy is my manager now and will remain that way till I finish boxing, we have a great personal relationship and as my manager he couldn’t be doing a better job but I won’t say any more his head is big enough as it is.

6. Have you still not received an explanation from Richard towers into why he withdrew on such short notice.

No I haven’t, Richard is an old friend and the fight falling through is old news.

7. Is the Dillian Whyte fight still on the agenda for this year if possible?

Yea Whyte is the fight I want, I need it, it’s the fight the fans want and that’s important too him and too me, we both are big exciting outspoken heavyweights it’s needs to happen.

8. What weaknesses and strengths can you see in Sam Sexton and are you surprised that the board have seemingly hijacked your route to the British title to date.

Sam sexton is a good fighter and he has proved it over the years he is the more proven entity but in recent times I have the better wins, me and Whyte is a more exciting fight and people are interested it. Whyte vs sexton don’t have the same buzz.

9. Who in your opinion are the top 5 UK heavyweight prospects who we the fans should look out for (excluding Hughie Fury).

I think 5 heavyweights that are prospects and relatively unknown so far are number.

1 Nathan Gorman one of the best young heavy’s not just in Britain but the world special talent.

2 Dominic Akinlade possible future opponent and I’m a big fan hes a proper fighter.

3. Kash Ali local too me undefeated in 10 good fighter.

4. Hari Miles, not a prospect but a more known fighter, huge southpaw will beat a lot of good fighters.

5. Nick Webb not seen much but heard he’s a exciting big punching southerner.


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at HITHARD Dave is there anything else you would like to add?

Just that im looking for sponsership follow my Twitter and Instagram and thanks for all the support from everyone.

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