As announced yesterday by Matchroom Sports on the 24th of September WBA lightweight champion will be facing off against Jorge Linares. The fight will also be contested for the RING magazine belt a very prestigious belt and the newly formed WBC “diamond” title.

At first glance I applaud both fighters for taking this fight as it really is two of the best lightweights around proving themselves against each other. Stylistically it should be a good spectacle with Linares a come forward  pressure fighter , Crolla stylistically a very sound technician and body puncher who has a good ability to counter punch .

One thing which does not sit well with myself is how is this an unification fight? Yes granted everyone should know that Jorge Linares is one of the best lightweights we have seen in the last decade. His style has many plaudits and is appreciated globally and recognised. But since when has the ring magazine been a recognised as a governing body? Not to my knowledge so surely it cannot be an unification? The WBC once again has shown top marks in delusional activity in creating an diamond belt holder in Linares.  How does Dejan Zlaticanin feel considering he only recently won the WBC title? Who knows we are yet to see. But a statement for the WBC has stated that the winner of the WBC diamond belt must face Dejan Zlaticanin to become the genuine WBC world champion.

“Linares was placed as Champion in Recess by the WBC due to a broken hand which prevented him from making his mandatory defence,” said Sulaiman.““The WBC has granted Linares to return to the ring to fight this blockbuster unification for the prestigious Diamond belt and the winner is committed to fight Dejan Zlaticanin.“I am personally proud of this fight as it continues with our goal to facilitate the best matches to take place all over the world.” Statement from Maurico Sulaiman .

So what are both fighters fighting for? A mandatory position to fight Zlaticanin for the real title ? Seems like it.

Eddie Hearn (Edward) is once again doing is marketing master class into letting the masses into believing this is an genuine unification when in reality its far from it .


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