Conor Benn had his most testing and worrying contest of his career against Cedrick Peynaud at the York Hall in London.

Conor suffered two heavy knockdowns in the opening round of a scheduled six, severely hurt in the process. The Frenchman Peynaud was extremely heavy-handed landing frequently with the straight right and hooks. Conor was at times on the verge of being withdrawn from the contest, such as the amount of punishment he was shipping.

The second round was much of the same minus the knockdowns, Benn regularly beaten to the punch by his French opponent and regularly looking hurt. However, Benn showed no sign of quiet, kept fighting without a backward step.

The third and fourth rounds despite Benn coming back into the contest were nip and tuck with both fighters having multiple successes throughout. Peynaud was, however, starting to feel the pace in a bout of wills and attrition. It really was a case of what work you like.

The fifth and sixth rounds belonged to Benn, who scored a knockdown in both rounds following purposeful assaults from right hands. Benn to his credit could have halted Peynaud in the sixth, however, the tiring pair fought tooth and nail to the end. As an observer, I saw the contest as a draw.

However referee in charge Bob Williams saw different, scoring the contest 57-54 in favour of Benn.



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