Today’s press conference with Chris Eubank Jr and Tom Doran turned out to a real war of words with Chris Eubank Snr making statements about towards Dave Coldwell and Tom Doran. Perhaps surprisingly Eubank Snr took the time to really lay into Conor Benn’s father and former rival.

“Conor may turn out to be a good fighter one day. We don’t know as yet but it’s not the boxing I’m concerned with. I’m concerned with the ordinary life. The people you are moving about with.

“His father should be there to watch. He [Nigel Benn] famously said he got introduced to particular substances. This took him off track and maybe made him the fighter he became. Maybe he could have been a better fighter if he wasn’t involved with those mates who introduced him to that ordinary life.”

Conor Benn replied;

“Who are you to talk about my life? Who are you to talk about my personal life in front of all these cameras? I find that extremely disrespectful. If you want to talk about my dad, talk about him but don’t come with all that.

“Don’t talk about my life in front of these cameras. You want to talk about my boxing? Fair enough, but don’t talk about my personal life. Talk about my boxing.”

Watch the full press conference below and replies from Conor Benn Dave Coldwell courtesy of iFL TV.



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