Tony Bellew has tonight (29th may) lived his real life rocky story and achieved his dreams of becoming a world champion. He did so in brilliant fashion in securing a 3rd round KO victory over heavily backed and rated Ilunga Makabu to claim the vacant WBC cruiserweight title.

In a highly charged atmosphere at Goodison park, Liverpool the stage was set and had a sense that something special could happen. In the first round of the fight in my opinion Tony was using his jab brilliantly to offset Makabu and to set up his attacks which looked sharp with the right hook in particular. However in the remaining 30 seconds of the first round Tony was too offence minded and Makabu jabbed back and delivered a straight left which sent Tony to the canvas and undo all of Tony’s work as he had won the round till then.

After a telling off by his trainer Dave Coldwell, Tony came out much more cagey with a refusal to over commit like he did in the previous round. Tony was using his jab again but Makabu was using good movement to slip the shots and then attack the body before attempted head shots but with limited success. However Tony seemed to be able to push Makabu back and have success on the ropes.

In the 3rd round ,Tony had his man out of there when a left hook early in the round made Makabu stumble to the ropes and took full advantage till the finish. Big shots around and through the guard with ultimately a left hook crumbled Makabu and remained on the floor with the count not even being needed.


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