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The action will get back underway at this week’s final Olympic qualifier which runs from the 3-8 of July. The event is being held in Vargas, Venezuela. Despite the outrage of allowing professional boxers to compete in this event, the public who are attending this event have been very receptive and focused on the action in the ring and not the politics. The competition is now at the semi-final stages. The qualifying spots per class vary from 1 to 3 qualifiers and have been reported in an earlier article at

After a rest day the action recommences at 11 am local time on location and todays schedules are as follows:  ( CAPITALS = surname, lower case = forenames, (BRACKETS) =  Nationality )

Morning Session: 7th of July, 11am Start:

Semifinals Men’s Fly (52kg) FINOL RIVAS Yoel Segundo (VENEZUELA) v FATYCH Maksym (UKRAINE)

Semifinals Men’s Fly (52kg) TOUBA Hamza (GERMANY) v AVILA SEGURA Ceiber David (COLOMBIA)

Semifinals Men’s Light (60kg) DELGADO GARZA Lindolfo (MEXICO) v YILMAZ Yasin (TURKEY)

Semifinals Men’s Light (60kg) TOMMASONE Carmine (ITALY) v RUENROENG Amnat (THAILAND)

Semifinals Men’s Welter (69kg) ROMERO MARIN Juan Pablo (MEXICO) v SISSOKHO NDIAYE Youba (SPAIN)

Semifinals Men’s Welter (69kg) NEERAJ Goyat (INDIA) v MARUTJAN Arajik (GERMANY)

Semifinals Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) TRYC Mateusz Jerzy (POLAND) v CARRILLO PALACIO Juan Carlos (COLOMBIA)

Semifinals Men’s Light Heavy (81kg) SOLONENKO Denys (UKRAINE) v HASSAN Ndam Njikam (CAMEROON)

Semifinals Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg) MUNOZ MATA Edgar Ramon (VENEZUELA) v DOS SANTOS NASCIMENTO Cosme (BRAZIL)

Semifinals Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg) MU Haipeng (CHINA) v ARKHYPENKO Rostyslav (UKRAINE)

Afternoon Session: 7th of July, 3pm Start

Semifinals Men’s Light Fly (46-49kg) QUIPO PILATAXI Carlos Eduardo (ECUADOR) v BLANC Leandro (ARGENTINA)

Semifinals Men’s Light Fly (46-49kg) SHIN Jonghun (SOUTH KOREA) v VELAZQUEZ ALTAMIRANO Joselito (MEXICO)

Semifinals Men’s Bantam (56kg) RODRIGUEZ Victor (VENEZUELA) v NJANGIRU Benson Gicharu (KENYA)

Semifinals Men’s Bantam (56kg) GOKCEK Ibrahim (TURKEY) v GARCIA MORA Hector Luis (DOMINICA)


Semifinals Men’s Light Welter (64kg)  AQUINO Carlos (ARGENTINA) v THARUMALINGAM Thulasi (QATAR)

Semifinals Men’s Light Welter (64kg) MATVIICHUK Volodymyr (UKRAINE) v BACHKOV Hovhannes (ARMENIA)

Semifinals Men’s Middle (75kg) DELGADO SUAREZ Marlo Javier (ECUADOR) v SIPAL Onder (TURKEY)

Semifinals Men’s Middle (75kg) SAAVEDRA PINTO Endry Jose (VENEZUELA) v PASKALI Xhek (GERMANY)

Semifinals Men’s Heavy (91kg) FLORES MILLAN Alfonso Jose (VENEZUELA) v CALIC Marko (CROATIA)

Semifinals Men’s Heavy (91kg) CASTILLO TORRES Julio Cesar (ECUADOR) v MANUKIAN Gevorg (UKRAINE)



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