Khan v Brook: A nation waits, A nation expects

Amir Khan 31-4 former 2 weight champion on Saturday the 7th of May suffered the 3rd knockout defeat of his career against the new Mexican sensation former Junior Middleweight champion and current “Middleweight” WBC world champion Saul Alvarez via 6th round knockout.

While everyone in the UK was congratulating Amir on a valiant effort in defeat, a fighter from Yorkshire, England by the name of Kell Brook was ready to stoke the fire and whip up the flames to entice Amir into a Showdown for Kell Brooks IBF Welterweight crown.

A simple tweet from Kell (36-0) Stating I’m here all british showdown @amirkingkhan has questioned my thoughts on the reasoning why the fight cannot/will not take place. I am aware that several articles have been written on this situation but I am giving my thoughts on this subject as its time for myself to speak up.

Amir and Khan are in my eyes two of the elite fighters in the 147 lbs divison and deserve every ounce of success but one has achived success in the divison and one is still unproven . Amir for all of his sucesses in previous weight divisons is still yet to fight a true elite fighter at welterweight but yet precieves himself to be the man similar to how Floyd Mayweather behaved while he was still active. I cannot see how Amir justifies his actions when Kell has satisfied one demand after another to try and make himself worthy of such an encouter which will be succesful for the boxing commuinty in the UK. Prior to Kell Brook winning the title he was given one demand which Amir said with his own tounge “win a world title and I will fight you 100%” . In August of 2014 kell brook goes to Carson ,California and dethrones the “second coming of mike tyson” in the form of shawn porter to claim the IBF welterweight crown. A fighter who is highly regarded in the US and whom everyone thought had likeness to mike tyson with his power and inside game knocking out and stopping a lot of credible names . A fight which no one expected Kell to win and a fight where no credit has hardley been given. A win which in my opinion is better then any other welterweight bar bradley in terms of names on CVs. Yet Amir has continued to dodge this fight in pursuits of other fightes of whom I can agree on the purisut of mayweather and pacquio till their supposed retirements and the mega fight which the two named took part In.

It is common knowledge within Boxing that negotions took place in late 2015 and early 2016 to try and get this fight signed and underway. Amir and Kell were at loggerheads over slit agreements with amir insisting he has a ridiculous high split from anything of 75-85 % . These demands are ridiculous from a fighter who has done nothing in terms of fighting at welterweight to deserve that split. Remember Amir would be a CHALLANGER not the champion but his ego overtakes his ability to think at a decent human level when it comes to business . Lets say one thing if Amir was a good bussiness man why sign for the fight with Alverez and only receive £1.4 million ? Amir would be receiving three / four times that purse at least against Kell. The fight is the biggest earner for both fighters and if everyone is reasonable everyone benefits from the fighters themselves,fans, tv and venues due to the showpiece occasion and is easily one of the biggest fights between two UK fighters for sometime.

In recent times Amir has declared his hatred of Brook and has stated so in the press and gone on record in saying I will never ever fight Brook which shows he is blindered by hatred to see correct business logic for himself.

However there are several other fights which Amir has his eyes on which he feels are bigger then this fight. The first of these is a match up with Danny Garcia the WBC Welterweight champion which I believe is an intruiging fight in itself, Amir was having early succes in their first encounter before getting knocked out badly in the the 4th round in July of 2012. I would respect the fact that Amir will be trying to rectify a loss for the first time in his career and for which noone can fault his desire to do so. That is becoming doubtful however because Garcia is seemingly ruling that fight out due and calling it a “dumb move” according to a piece from SKY SPORTS. Will be interesting to see if the WBC keep Amir as their mandatory challanger with his recent exploits at “Middleweight” .

Fights have also been mentioned for Amir against the likes of Thurman, Porter, Broner and Bradley are good names on paper but the realistic view point is that these fights will be a struggle to take place also due to fighters preceptions of their worth.

A fight with Liam Smith the WBO champion at Light middleweight has also been mentioned by Frank Warren but in realistic terms the UK public are not interested in the fight as it is seemed as a miss match stacked in Amirs favor in pure boxing ability. However that’s not to say Liam is a bad fighter far from it but he himself will admit that he needs a big breakout fight against a world level oppenent against someone from his natural weight class a true light middleweight such as a Charlo brother or a Demitrius Andrade .

This leads to the point again of anyfight of magnitude is an issue to negotiate so people are demanding that Amir bit the bullet swallow some ego and come to the table with a sensible head and earn a career high pay day and fight his biggest rival in the UK and Globally in Kell Brook. No one is interested in the other names muted in the age of social media people are demanding that this fight takes place. If the fight does not take place people will be dissapointed and despite all of Amirs achievements in the sport will sadly be remebered as the man who bottled it from Kell Brook by a lot of boxing fans including myself.

Its at the stage where Kell Brook either gives in to all of Amirs demands or the fight never takes place and for which Boxing in this country despites its booming popularity it needs it superfights and this is a superfight which is on the verge of never materilising .


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